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novelist and literary translator

Persa Koumoutsi, a writer and translator of literature, was born in Cairo and attended the Ambetio school. She returned to Greece after completing her studies at the Faculty of Philosophy of Cairo University. In the first years he taught in Secondary and Higher Education, while from 1993 he dealt exclusively with literary translation, mainly of Arabic literature in Greek. Among the works translated from Arabic are 14 novels by the Nobel Prize-winning Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz as well as many works by other distinguished Arab writers and poets. Among other things, her bibliography includes the first Anthology of Contemporary Arabic Poetry in Greek, for which she received the Award of the Hellenic Society of Literary Translators, 2017. For her translation work she has also been awarded the Cavafy International Prize, in 2001 and a special distinction from Department of Greek and Italian Studies at Al-Azhar University, 2015 for the entire work which now amounts to over 40 titles of Arabic literature and eight personal novels, most of them focusing on intercultural dialogue. Her personal work, 8 novels, has also been distinguished and a significant part of it has been translated into Arabic. He has collaborated with European universities in interculturalism and dialogue education programs and has written articles, critical texts and studies on literature as a means and medium of understanding the Other. Since 2020, he has been the director of the Center for Greek and Arabic Literature and Culture, which aims to promote and strengthen the cultural relations between Greece and the Mediterranean countries with an emphasis on the Arab world, through targeted actions and programs for information / awareness on issues. contemporary Greek and Arabic literature, poetry, language, concluding important collaborations and other cultural institutions in Greece and abroad. in 2021 received the prestigious "Achievement Award" for its overall contribution to Literary Translation and International Understanding from the Qatar-based Sheikh Hamad International Organization.


Persa Koumoutsi in the Center for Greek and Arabic Litterature and Culture - KELALP.

Persa Koumoutsis will manage the activities of KELALP with the aim of promoting the intercultural relationship between Greek and Arab culture through "literature, (both prose and poetry), and activities such as lectures and seminars in collaboration with Greek and foreign universities and institutions as well 
as organizations which deal with these issues.

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