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Centre of Greek and Arabic Literature and Culture (K.ΕL.A.L.P.)

This site presents the activities of the Cultural Center of Greek and Arabic Literature (K.ΕL.A.L.P.), which was created recently and it will operate as an independent initiative under the umbrella of the nonprofit organization “CulturePolis” – see more HERE.

An initiative of understanding the "other"

through culture and literature

Events from the 1st Arab World Festival - Corfu, 2011

Photos from the 1st Arab World Festival - Corfu, April 2011

The “1st Arab World Festival Corfu” – that’s where it all started!

In 2011, CulturePolis organized the 1st Arab World’s Festival in Corfu from the 1st until the 6th of April, as part of the European Union’s Culture project “Intercultural Dialogue Festival – Cultural Meeting East meets West” (2007-2013). The specific festival had the following partners:

• Municipality of Santa Severina (Calabria, Italy)

• Municipality of Crotone (Calabria, Italy)

• Municipality of Puerto Pueblas (Murcia, Spain)

• CulturePolis, Greece

A detailed description  of this activities can be found at the dedicated website:

During and after the Festival some Arabic embassies (Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, etc.) expressed an interest, to create a large and a permanent Arab World Festival in order to give the opportunity to all the Arab countries to participate. CulturePolis accepted this interesting invitation and submitted specific proposals in order to conduct every two years this Festival, in another place each time.

These proposals were presented in Athens at the Arabic Ambassadors’ Plenary in order to find ways for funding. Unfortunately, that period broke out in most Arab countries, the ‘’Arabic Spring’’. Due to this event all the preparations were cancelled .

This year we strongly believe that, due to the severe social, political changes and due to subsequent surge of the refugees from the Arab-speaking countries, especially from Syria, is extremely necessary to capitalize on the experiences of the 1st Arab World Festival, in order to start a new era of initiatives regarding the Arabic culture and specifically regarding to the Arabic Literature as a medium of communication and consciousness.

For these reasons, CulturePolis invited  author and translator of Arabic Language and literature, Ms Persa Koumoutsi, to coordinate the activities of K.EL.A.L.P. Ms Koumoutsis responded immediately and with her long and special experience, we believe that she will assist to promote and consolidate the relationship between Greek and Arabic culture, through literature, poetry, communication and activities, in collaboration with Greek and foreign universities and organizations.

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